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Sheepskin Rugs Care and Cleaning


Because of the natural lanolin content in your Sheepskin Rug brushing is often enough to keep it clean without the need for washing.

Avoid washing your Sheepskin Rug if possible, we suggest that you brush your Sheepskin on a regular basis with the aid of a fine wire brush (pet brush), this will help to remove any excess dirt or dust.

In the event that you need to clean your Sheepskin it is advisable that you wash it by hand with cool water and a non-biological washing powder suitable for Sheepskin.


Your Sheepskin Rug can be machine washed if you set your control to a "wool cycle" no warmer that 30c and use a small amount of non-biological washing powder suitable for Sheepskin. Rinse well and avoid spinning if possible. Allow the Rug to dry naturally, brushing it from time to time to help restore it to its natural appearance. Stretch to shape whilst damp. Avoid direct sunlight and placing your Sheepskin Rug on or in front of Heaters. Do not tumble dry.

When washing your Sheepskin rug do not use a biological washing powder, soap based powders, soap flakes or conditioners always check the labels to make sure the cleaner is enzyme-free with no bleaches or harsh chemicals.


Sheepskin & Leather Coats


Your Sheepskin and Leather coat has been made for a long and tough life and with a little care will keep it looking good for many years.

If it gets wet the special treatment will reduce water penetration. Do not dry on a radiator or in front of a fire but hang it at normal room temperature. When the coat is completely dry, a clothes brush or dry sponge will remove any rain spots which remain.

Small grease marks or oil spots may be removed by dusting the suede with powdered blackboard chalk. For the more stubborn stains, specialist dry cleaning may be required.

Care of your coat will be repaid in long life, but from time-to-time it will require dry cleaning by a reputable dry-cleaners.


Sheepskin Slippers and Sheepskin Boots care and cleaning

As the soft Suede finish on Sheepskin Slippers and Boots is easily stained we highly recommend using a Sheepskin protector and Water repellent before use and after cleaning.

Light stains can be removed using a damp cloth or a Suede cleaning eraser block. A more thorough clean can be achieved using a Sheepskin Cleaner & Conditioner.

Small grease marks or oil spots may be removed by dusting the suede with powdered blackboard chalk and let it sit on your Sheepskin footwear over night, The powder will absorb most of the grease. Wipe the chalk off using a Suede brush, brush the boots in one direction to restore the Suede and remove any excess chalk.

Before hand washing your Sheepskin Slippers please check with the manufacturer to make sure they are washable. Before Hand washing your Sheepskin Slippers use a Suede cleaning eraser block as this will remove most resistant spots and grease marks.

Sheepskin Slippers can be hand washed in warm, mild, soapy water check with the manufacturer before washing  as not all sheepskin is washable. Do not machine wash as this may tear your slippers apart or tint them with colours and lint from other fabrics. Do not use harsh chemicals, enzyme-based shampoos and cleaners as they can break down the Wool and Leather, so make sure you check the labels on your cleaning products before you use them on your Slippers. To dry your Sheepskin footwear place them in a warm room & let them dry naturally. Avoid direct sunlight and placing them in front of or on heaters, Do not tumble dry. To best maintain the shape of your sheepskin Footwear, place a paper towel in the toe and/ or boot area When dry you can restore the suede with a soft brush and to fluff the wool on your slippers use a small wire brush if you desire to restore a "like new" texture and softness to the Slippers.

Before using any cleaning products on your Sheepskin Slippers check the label to make sure they are suitable for Sheepskin are enzyme-free with no bleaches or harsh chemicals.

Leather Bags Care and Cleaning

The daily wear and tear on Leather Handbags can leave them dirty at the end of the day. A fine Leather Bag is an investment if you take good care of it, it will last you for many years. Aways use a Waterstop protector before use and after cleaning.

Before cleaning your Leather Handbag always test clean on a small hidden area as the cleaning results can depend on the finish and colour of the Leather. Some cleaners may fade or stain the Leather.

Most marks can be easily removed using just a damp soft cloth.

We always recommend using a cleaning cream/gel designed for Leather handbags as this will give you the best cleaning results. The cream will also soften the surface of the leather, revive and restore colours, always check on a small hidden area of the bag to check the cream will not change the colour of the bag before fully cleaning. After cleaning buff dry and polish with a dry soft cloth.

Always store your leather bag in a dry dust bag as moisture encourages the growth of mildew and bacteria that will destroy the leather.

If your Leather Bag becomes wet let it dry naturally away from direct sunlight and do not put on or infront of heaters as this will dry the Leather out causing it to crack and fade.

To keep your Leather handbag in great condition it will sometimes need treating with a Leather nourishing cream designed for leather bags this will feed and condition the Leather helping to keep it soft and prevent cracking.

Always check the label on the cleaner before use to make sure it is suitable for the leather bag you are wanting to clean. Do not use any harsh chemicals, shoe or upholstery polishes and cleaners. Some cleaners may stain lighter coloured bags.

Helen Moore Faux Fur Care & Cleaning

You will want to keep your Helen Moore Faux fur products looking and feeling as luxurious as the day you purchased them. Most of the items can be machine washed and tumble dried on a cool setting using a mild soap. Once dry to bring back the softness of the Faux Fur brush lightly using a teazle brush.

Before cleaning check the label of your Faux Fur product to see if it can be machine washed and tumble dried.

The above cleaning method excludes the Helen Moore Bags as these are made using Leather trims and will need to be taken to a specialist cleaner. The Manhattan fabrics should only be dry cleaned.